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Thank you for your interest in Carolinas College of Health Sciences. In order to submit an online application, you must first create an account. Applications do not have to be completed in one session. You can save your information and complete your application in a later session, but you must remember your login and PIN in order to log back into the application.

1. Consider the program(s) to which you want to apply and the term in which you wish to enroll. You can find program specific information and requirements on the Academic Programs webpage. You can find start dates and Application Deadlines on our website. Carefully consider the programs to which you intend to apply. You can apply to only two programs per application.

2. We recommend that you have your high school and/or college transcripts for all schools attended and a copy of your ACT or SAT scores on hand before you initiate the application. You will need the information they contain to complete the application.

Please note: You must submit official transcripts and score reports to the Office of Admissions. They can be received by mail at: 1200 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203; or electronically at: admissions@cchsmail.org (e-mail). Do not submit unofficial transcripts or score reports. Applications are not considered to be complete for consideration until all official supporting documentation is received.

3. If the program you are interested in requires references, please be prepared to tell us their names and contact information. We will match the reference forms to the list provided as they are submitted to the college. For a copy of the required reference form, visit the specific Academic Programs webpage.

4. There are supplemental questions included in the application. Be sure to answer all questions.

5. There is a $60.00 application fee, which is payable online when you submit your application. The application will not be processed until the application fee is received.

You can access your saved application for 30 days. If you do not submit your application within 30 days, your information will be lost and you will have to start a new application. If you have any questions, please contact our admissions team at 704-355-5051 or by e-mail.